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溫和瑜珈 Gentle Yoga (基礎 B)

溫和瑜珈是適合初學者的入門課程, 內容溫和、動作簡單、課程節奏輕鬆, 避免帶來過多身體負荷和心理壓力, 學員可以從頭認識瑜珈課中常用的體位法名稱與其功效、進出體位法的技巧及簡易的順位講解, 並學習在身體動靜不同狀態下運用呼吸技巧達到多種效益, 讓沒有運動習慣的練習者慢慢加強肢體活動度與肌肉伸展。

Gentle yoga is a wonderful choice for beginners and all experienced ones. The practice is gentle without unnecessary tension caused, and the rhythm of the class is light and easy. You will learn simple postures that are regularly used in different styles of yoga practice, its benefits, and the anatomical structure of human body as well as techniques of coming into and out of yoga poses. In addition, there will be explanation and practice of breathing exercise during both dynamic physical movement and while the body quiets down at sitting posture during meditative practice or lying posture in relaxation.

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