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動瑜珈/ 動態瑜珈 Flow Yoga/ Vinyasa Yoga(進階A)

動瑜珈 Flow Yoga / 動態瑜珈Vinyasa Yoga (進階 A)

動瑜珈/動態瑜珈是適合喜愛挑戰及體能訓練的學員首選之一, 這堂課可滿足練習者基本的運動需求、建立肌力與耐力、也有助於雕塑身體線條。梵語“vinyasa”可指“藉由呼吸以流動的方式進入、完成、離開動作”, 因此動瑜珈/動態瑜珈練習節奏較快, 著重呼吸與體位法的配合, 和諧地創造串聯節奏, 流暢進出每一個動作, 使身體產生熱度與能量; 期間較少有長時間的停留或休息, 因此適合已有練習基礎、體能狀況好的學員。

Flow yoga/ Vinyasa yoga is for those who prefer more physical and athletic practice; it meets a general need for strength and stamina building as well as body shaping and fitness. In Sanskrit, one way of interpreting the word “vinyasa” is “flowing in and out of poses with breath”. It is faster paced, with emphasis on synchronizing breath with movements and the flowing transition between postures, hence is more challenging and suitable for experienced yoga practitioners. Connecting dynamic movements with breath through flow sequences also builds energy and intensity for the practice.

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