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體位呼吸法 Asana & Pranayama(基礎B)

適合各個年齡層, 剛開始接觸瑜珈或已有練習經驗的學員參與, 有基本的體位法引導與各種傳統瑜珈呼吸練習, 或是進行簡易的柔和伸展和基礎呼吸方法解說及操作, 溫柔有效的練習但有助釋放身心壓力; 呼吸法練習建議空腹進行, 因此課前兩小時內不宜大量進食。

This class is for students of various ages and levels; both beginners and the experienced can do. You’ll learn simple yoga postures (asana) and different traditional yogic breathing exercises in this class, or possibly just have some soft stretching with basic breathing technique introduction and its practice. It is going to be easy, soothing, yet effective for stress release and mind-body relaxation. Students are recommended to do breathing exercises with empty stomach at least 2 hours before the class.


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