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瑜珈提斯 Yogalates (中級 I)
由德國運動家Joseph Pilates設計的皮拉提斯是一種強調「正確控制肢體」的運動。皮拉提斯的應用就是核心穩定運動的訓練, 融和了瑜珈與舞蹈, 並強調呼吸、專注、 核心、控制、流暢、精確六大原則, 透過連續性及貼近地板的動作鍛鍊深層肌肉, 讓線條變得更纖細修長、提升身體的柔軟度與肌力、重建健康脊椎並改善疼痛及姿勢不良, 是全球流行的美麗健身法。皮拉提斯與瑜珈提斯皆有鍛練核心肌群效果(深層的腹橫肌、骨盆底肌、多裂肌…等), 身體痠痛時常是源於肌力不足、肌群不夠穩固、姿勢錯誤, 許多下背痛患者也是核心肌群力量不足引起。

瑜珈提斯相較於皮拉提斯增加了瑜珈體位法的肌力強化與伸展, 也有較多動作上的變化及全身性練習, 難度比皮拉提斯稍高, 適合有瑜珈與皮拉提斯兩種練習經驗的朋友嘗試!

Pilates as an exercise was designed by the German athlete Joseph Pilates, who emphasizes "contrology" in Pilates as defining it an exercise of “correct control of human body.” Combining with yoga & dance, integrated with the 6 major principles of breathing, concentration, power house, control, flow of movement, and precision, both Pilates and yogalates aim to stabilize core muscles with series of mat workouts. This worldwide craze of fitness exercise trains deep muscles, improves body contour, increases muscle flexibility & strength, rebuilds spinal health, and prevents muscle pain caused from inappropriate postures. Poor muscle endurance and unhealthy postures are both factors that could easily cause lower back pain. Pilates/yogalates builds our core-muscles, inclusive of deep transverse abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor, multifidus, etc.

Compared to Pilates, there are more yoga stretching and muscle training in yogalates with a wider range of whole body movement and more options of postures offered. It’s slightly more challenging compared to a Pilates session, and so we encourage students to first try some Pilates and regular yoga sessions before attending this class!






Benefits of Pilates/ Yogalates

* Improve body contour

* Enhance gynecological function

* Stabilize the pelvic floor

* Correct body alignment, kyphosis & scoliosis

* Prevent osterioeporosis, lower back stiffness & pain


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