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哈達瑜珈 Hatha Yoga (中級 I)

梵語「哈達」原意指日(太陽)與月(月亮), 古典哈達瑜珈練習重點之一即在於淨化並平衡體內陰陽二脈與其正負能量。自18世紀以降, 哈達瑜珈經過長期的歷史發展, 演變至今多被定義為一以體位法與呼吸法為主的傳統流派, 自身體層面開始進行全面性的淨化, 為冥想與靈性練習打好基礎。今日廣義的哈達瑜珈定位實已囊括多數現代人練習的多種現代流派, 一般說來, 哈達在多數瑜珈教室被定位在中等程度課程, 介於溫和瑜珈與動瑜珈或阿斯坦加之間, 適合原本就有運動習慣或以具有基礎瑜珈經驗的練習者。

The Sanskrit word “Hatha” can be translated as “sun/solar energy” and “moon/ lunar energy;” and originally Hatha yoga aims to balance the positive and negative energy of our body. From the 18th century onward, Hatha yoga has been transformed and developed into a classical system as we know today. Most styles of modern yoga now can be classified as part of Hatha yoga, originally an old system that includes the practice of yoga postures and yogic breathing exercises, which is to bring wellness to body and mind, preparing ourselves for spiritual practices. Today, Hatha yoga can be referred to different practices in a much broader sense that varies a lot at yoga studios. Generally speaking, it’s usually considered a medium level class slightly harder than gentle yoga and easier than flow yoga or Ashtanga yoga.

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